Discmania D-Line P1
Discmania D-Line P1
Discmania D-Line P1
Discmania D-Line P1

Discmania D-Line P1

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P1 is a slightly shallower putter than the P2, with a slightly convex, rounded bottom, and is also a straight-line approach disc.

Discmania on the P1

A slightly convex, rounded bottom provides a smooth and natural feel in hand.  As a slightly shallower cousin to the P2, this putter fits well with just about any type of grip style, is an excellent tool for careful wooded shots, dead straight flights, and flip to flat or anhyzer throws.

Discmania on D-Line Plastic

The most affordable plastic in our Originals line. D-line offers great grip and D-line discs can be cycled through your bag in different stabilities as they beat in. The D-line plastic comes in 3 different flexes. Flex 1 is the softest, Flex 2 is our medium stiffness and Flex 3 is the stiffest D-line plastic.

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