RPM Discs

    Yokai Disc is proud to bring you an exceptional range of RPM Discs, designed and manufactured in New Zealand. RPM Discs offers an exceptional blend of performance, artistry, and New Zealand heritage. Explore our selection today and elevate your disc golf game with the high-quality products from RPM Discs.

    Plastic Types

    RPM Discs offers a variety of high-quality plastic types, each designed to enhance your disc golf experience.

    At Yokai Disc, we provide the full range of RPM Discs’ plastics:

    • Strata: This is RPM’s base plastic, known for its opaque, tacky feel and medium stiffness. Available in a variety of colors, it offers reliable performance for players of all levels.
    • Magma: Magma is a premium plastic with a rubbery, softer feel, providing a silky and grippy texture. Magma is available in either medium or soft stiffness.
    • Cosmic: Cosmic plastic is a tough, grippy, semi-translucent material available in a variety of colors and effects. It’s designed for durability and versatility.
    • Atomic: Another premium option, Atomic plastic is tough and grippy with an opaque appearance. Atomic is available in a variety of colors and effects, and is a favorite among players.
    • Glow: Similar in feel to Cosmic or Atomic, Glow plastic is mostly opaque and glows in the dark.
    • Platinum: The most luxurious of RPM’s plastics, Platinum features beautiful swirl patterns and offers a unique feel similar to Atomic. These discs have the stamp on the bottom and do not feature native bird art.