Discmania Neo Enigma
Discmania Neo Enigma

Discmania Neo Enigma

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Enigma combines a high speed turn with a predictable long distance fade, produced in durable and translucent Neo plastic.

Discmania on the Enigma

The Enigma is a wide-rim distance driver that has been shaped to fit all hands. The disc has moderate dome that creates an excellent glide. With a harder pull, the disc turns nicely to give you that extra distance. This disc has a nice, predictable fade that doesn't dump too hard to steal distance from your shot.
Molded to combine a high speed turn with a long distance fade, both experienced players and relatively new players will be able to utilize the Enigma to its fullest potential. The Enigma glides with turn at the start of its flight while its stability gradually takes over, keeping the disc airborne as it transitions into a fade for the finish of the flight. This level of understability to stability allows players to hit any number of lines depending on the angle of release.

Discmania on Neo Plastic

Semi-translucent, premium plastic. This blend is not only great looking, but also the most durable and rigid Evolution line plastic! It still has some flex to it, and thanks to the special finish, it offers an awesome grip.

Flight Numbers: 12 | 5 | -1 | 2